Sometimes life has you feeling listless and forlorn, kind of like the tiger you see in the picture above. In times like these, what gets us back on our feet is to have something tickle our intellectual taste buds. Tigerfeathers! is a bi-weekly blog that aims to provide you with the same kick so you can get off your metaphorical tiger ass and go back to hunting stuff.

Just kidding, we don’t want to tell anybody to get off anything - we just like learning new things and will be using this platform to inflict those learnings on our readers.

For the adults in the room, we’ve spent a bunch of time in a bunch of different roles in the world of tech. We tend to write about start ups, media, venture capital, Indian fintech, and really anything we think is cool.


Rahul Sanghi (@RahulSanghi1) and Aaryaman Vir (@AaryamanVir) are the perpetrators of this blog.