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Hello, this was a nice write-up.

Regarding the last point on UPI, I would like to point out that the government has recently capped the market share for third-party UPI apps (like Google Pay, PhonePe, etc. but not Paytm, etc.) to a maximum of 30%.

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What a thoughtful and inspired summary. This is a great and extensive introduction to India Stack and would help anyone get a base for further reading who is curious about digital governance, infrastructure problem solving, and State-as-platform approaches to policy. Excellent work!

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Fantastic write-up as always. Thought I would let you know that you were referenced in this recent post by Balaji Srinivasan in case you haven't seen it yet: https://balajis.com/why-india-should-buy-bitcoin/ Looking forward to your next post!

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Hello Aaryaman/Rahul

Appreciate your write up which very clear, comprehensive. I teach elements of IndiaStack in different courses in my engineering college. For my students, I have composed a Indiastack search utility which helps people to discover related resources and also an annotated bibliography on Indiastack. You may view the same here https://indiastack.blogspot.com . You may share it with interested

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I just discovered this and your blogs are amazing. Very detailed while also being easy to understand

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Thanks Vir and Sanghi for this brilliant read. Very insightful, and gives a comprehensive understanding to a novice in fintech matters. I have been enjoying the benefits of UPI as a financial consumer, and it is fantastic to know the incredible work that has gone on behind the scene. This is an amazing start to a deeper ecosystem research that I am on to. In fact, India Stack is a story of setting up an ecosystem of ecosystems, if I may say so! Thanks once again.

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Hi Aayo & Rahul,

This is a great write up. It's ridiculous (on my part) how late I've arrived at this goldmine of a blog - Tigerfeathers (love the name & meaning). The content you'll have put out, clearly shows the deep work you'll have put in to this. Super keen to go through everything you'll have shed light on and published! Keep up the good work!

Look forward to reading, sharing, and spreading the word!

Best Wishes, Nikhil K

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well narrated, empirical, and gives a fresh perspective to otherwise invisible steps within a 'leapfrog' development. Will keep watching the space for more. thanks

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This is one of the best articles I have read on UPI. Extremely well researched and the narrative is well structured. High quality writing. Kudos!!

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Hello Rahul and Aryaman.

Firstly, all your posts are very well researched, written and comprehensive. Great job!

Secondly, as a reader I would love to have an index before the start of each of these long posts briefly describing what the section shall go into. Coz for a reader of my pace it takes me around 2 hours spread over 2-3 days to cover its contents. A kind of index would make my life a lot easier.

Thank you

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Hey Vishal - thank you for the kind words and the helpful feedback. Great point re adding an index. Our preference has typically been to suck the reader into the story right from the start, but we will definitely try to make things a little easier with better organisation up front for future essays.

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Happened to read your " The Internet Country" Great write. I teach elements of Indiastack in engineering course. Have a look at https://indiastack.blogspot.com

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well written and comprehended with good examples for better understanding of use cases

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Very well written and comprehensive report.

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hey guys great read ,you have left me with this bullish feeling for India. Cheers for that

btw these 2 links aren't working

.UPI technical explainer:

.India’s Digital Leap: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Opportunity:

would be grateful if you can fix em


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Great write up. You mention "In 2009, only 17% of Indian adults possessed a bank account", yet the source you cited says "In 2008....around one in four Indian adults had a bank account"

The 17% figure you cite appears to be in relation to the gender gap figure in 2011.

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Great write up, Rahul and Aaryaman!

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A very well written article. Explains the concepts behind Aadhar, UPI, the Data stack and their uses.

Aadhar has indeed made authentication very easy. The UPI payments are. Brezze, to the extent one forgets to take cash.

One major disadvantage of the Aadhar data is the name field. By combining and having a single field for name instead of First, Middle and Surname, it has created a mismatch between Aadhar and other databases to the extent that enrolment centers do not accept a passport as valid document for Aadhar enrolment or correction.

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